Integrated management of water resources and protection of the environment have become a global priority for sustainable development. Several countries around the world, including Morocco, are suffering from many problems related to water scarcity, unsustainable management of water resources, vulnerability to climate change, pollution and lack of sanitation infrastructure and suitable treatment technology. These problems are often worsened by lack of governance and development supporting legislative tools.

Aware of the socio-economic importance of water management and protection of the environment, the pole of competences on water and environment (PC2E) and its partners, through the organization of this first edition of the International Conference on Water and Environment (WATEIC-2011), aim to promote innovation, capacity building, dissemination and promotion of research and the creation and strengthening of networks of exchange and cooperation. WATEIC provides an excellent opportunity for scientists, industrials and professionals   in the environmental and water fields to challenge and inspire the water and environmental community by sharing knowledge and best practices.

Sharing this knowledge may lead to solutions for current or future problems for water quality, research, regulations, solutions, and cutting-edge technologies.