Success story: SOWAEUMED – Cleaner water for a safer future


Population growth among Europe's North African neighbours, Morocco and Tunisia in particular, is putting increasing pressure on the demand for clean water. As supplies slowly dwindle, there is a growing need for efficient technologies to improve water quality and treatment in a bid to cut down on waste water. The EU FP7-funded project 'Network in solid waste and water treatment between Europe and Mediterranean countries' (SOWAEUMED) is supporting these two countries to improve their water quality and treatment. The water in Morocco and Tunisia is not only scarce but is also under threat from pollution. The project is strengthening the capacities of the participating institutions through the upgrading of research equipment, the hiring of new senior researchers, and fostering of contacts and exchanges between researchers. The connections between the Moroccan and Tunisian laboratories and the wider research community has allowed sharing research results, ideas and new technology. It has also empowered the laboratories in Morocco and Tunisia to enhance their contribution in the European Research Area, and increased interest in them from European scientists as potential research partners. Further information on EMWIS website

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