SOWAEUMED E-Learning Course

Nanotechnology from Research to Applications in Water Treatment

8th October – 7th November 2012

Organized by

National Centre for Studies and Research on Water and Energy (CNEREE),
Cadi Ayyad University

We are glad to announce that the E-Learning Course on Nanotechnology from research to applications in water treatment is now available online. This e-learning course for nanotechnology learning and application take a part of the SOWAEUMED project
The Nanotechnology E-learning will focus its effort to improve and transfer knowledge and know-how about Nanonotechnologies and Nanosciences to the participants. This course use different technological tools, learning methodologies and contents developed by SOWAEUMED partners. The e-learning course is supported in a University Cadi Ayyad virtual platform.

The online course objectives are

· To Develop a common understanding of basic concepts of nanoscience and nanotechnology applied to water treatment;
· To Become familiar with instruments and methods for nanotechnology;
· To enhance the university researchers, industrial and socio-economic actor’s skills in the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Target Group

The SOWAEUMED online e-learning course is specifically designed for academic researchers, managers, industrials, NGO and socio-economic actors from any part of the world working in the field of water technology, research and management. Requirements to attend the course:

Minimum of experience in water sector;
A minimum knowledge in the field of Nanosciences and Nanotechnologie;
Being fluent in English.


Total course duration: 4 weeks. Participants should be aware that they will need around 60 hours for reading the course material. Additional time for study of in-depth resources, for collaborational on-line work and for the exam should as well taken into account

Prerequisites and applications deadline

Applicants are asked to complete a registration form online and send their CV and motivation letter before September 30th2012. Considering that, this course requires active and motivated participants, a rigorous selection process will take place upon registration. Participants will be selected on the basis of their motivation, professional background, their experiences on nanonotechnologies and nanosciences fields, date of application and group-mix needs.

Apply online: Submit Online application form: cneree/

For more information, contact

Local Coordinator of SOWAEUMED Project
Director of the National Centre for Studies and Research on Water and Energy (CNEREE)
National Coordinator of the Pole of Competences on Water and Environment (PC2E)
University Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech, Morocco
Tel.212524457433/23 Fax: 212524457814 Email: /

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