Predoc Position in multimedia mathematical models and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques

The Environmental Analysis and Management Group (AGA), based in Tarragona (Spain) is seeking candidates for a PhD to join an interdisciplinary research team.

The candidate will be part of the research line “Assessing and predicting effects on water quantity and quality in Iberian rivers caused by global change”
In particular the candidate will participate in the research of human and ecosystems risk analysis derived from multi-stress situations produced by climate change.

We are seeking for a highly motivated candidate to be integrated in a multidisciplinary research group and to participate in various research projects related with modeling and application of AI techniques.

The position requires a bachelor with master degree in engineering, informatics, or other studies with a deep knowledge in modeling techniques, uncertainty analysis, and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, including: Data Mining, Artificial neural networks, Expert Systems, Bayes Network and Complex network.

We offer a 1 year contract and it’s expected (after evaluation) a potential continuation for another 2 years to complete the PhD.

Applicants should submit their curriculum vitae, university grades, higher education diploma or certificate including qualifications and number of credits associated, a letter outlining interest and motivations and the name and contact information of two references by April 30, 2010 to

Once the deadline for submitting applications has passed without a definitive decision having been issued, the application should be understood as rejected.

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